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The designers of CraftOptics Telescopes (patent pending) hold patents for many of the leading magnification products in the dental and surgical markets. Using the same expertise they brought to those professions, CraftOptics developed telescopes to meet the demands of knitters, jewelers, artists, model builders and other craftspeople who wished for comfortable, precise magnification at an affordable price. We carry Craftoptics frames in stock and can put your prescription in the lenses.

Why CraftOptics Telescopes?

Precision magnification with a wide field of view. There’s no distortion or fuzzy edges and our telescopes provide easy viewing both inside and outside the magnified field.

Designed to allow comfortable working distances for crafts and hobbies to prevent back and neck soreness and eye strain. Adjustable working angle lets you easily choose and change your position. Very lightweight at 48 grams with a bifocal prescription installed!

Hands-free, so you can focus on your craft. Telescopes flip up and out of the way for times when magnification is not needed. Lightweight and portable, with protective storage case for easy transport.

CraftOptics Telescopes are built to last and can accommodate changes in prescription.

Learn more at CraftOptics website